Privacy Policy

Our marketing research studies collect data for research purposes only. Under no circumstances your identity will be revealed to any third party or entity. Elite Panel Asia may sometimes ask you to provide demographical information about you, your household or business information you provide in response to our queries or survey, whether collected through our web site or through traditional market research tools, will be provided to our client(s) and/or other entities and/or the public as part of cumulative market research information or statistical data in the ordinary course, but your identity will always be kept with us ONLY.

The information you provide is not shared with any other organization/s for commercial or promotional purpose/s. Any contact or personal information you provide will be used to get in touch with you regarding a valid market research study by Elite Panel Asia only.

We do not disclose the identity of our Panellists/respondents to our clients. This anonymity ensures that respondents, like you, answer survey questions honestly and without concern of being contacted for other purposes like sales calls or sales leads.

We maintain your personal information with great care, allowing access only to the Manager of the Panellist Collection. We keep your personal information only for 90 days. Within this period of time, if you want to opt out, you can always do so by intimidating us.

The above stated policies may be changed from time to time, without prior notification. But we ensure you that, whatever we do; we will do it keeping in mind your privacy safety.